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Dear visitor,


Welcome to the ERGO WORK e-platform, which has been designed for you:

• to explore,

• to find,

• to suggest,

• to work better.


The e-platform includes embedded social media news, where you can follow updates and discuss with us your questions, thoughts and ideas, and furthermore share your experiences, knowledge and good practices within the field of Ergonomics and Universal designing for disabled persons.


In the e-platform you will also find interesting ergonomic literature and links, low cost universal design solutions as applicable within various organisations, environments, work programmes, and for the different needs of each individual employee. Relevant project results will also be regularly published here.


We invite you to contribute with whatever you believe is relevant for creating ergonomic and universally designed workplaces and help us establish an EU point of HEI, B, R&D, VET and other stakeholders interested in creating human jobs, also adapted to disabled persons and designed with optimum costs for optimum efficiency.